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Homeswaps in Swansea

  2 bed flat in swansea, swansea wants 1 bed house in Not specified, middlesex  

  2 bed flat home swap for 1 bed or 2 bed in london
"2 bed flat in swan need to move back to greater london asap closer to family.. ...."
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  1 bed house in swansea, swansea wants 1 bed other in Not specified, london  

"This is a beautiful, well painted and decorated flat just few steps away from the GPs, Dentists, pharmacy,city centre, train station, shopping centres, bus station and many more. I am willing to let go to england (anywhere in England) for study reasons. I am looking for a one bed room but if you have two for one in any form(flat, hose terrace house, bungalow etc) all wecome.The  flat consists of a big bed room, very  big living room if compared to most, kitchen, bathroom and toilet,a decent balcony and three sizeable detached or separated box rooms which could hold all your unwanted or wanted stuff. Amongst the three one with shelves which can be easily removed if not needed.  Oops it also has a locker room in which  you could keep your bikes/bicycles,cooker, washing machine, beds, sofas etc. oh la la! Are you a car owner or wanting to be one but worried of packing space? No need to worry. It has a very big parking space for all residents within/visitors and a special built parking-garage in a form of a house for rent for all residents with a reasonable weekly or monthly fees. If you do not have a car, you can as well use it as your storage-room. It does not discriminate at-all once paying/paid for it you can get the key just for you. ...For any more detail about my advert do not hesitate to call, text or email me. I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading/looking my ad...."
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  2 bed house in swansea, swansea wants 3 bed house in Not specified, london  

  anyone with 3/4 bed who wants a 3 way swap
"2 bed house in morriston, swansea with front and back gardens. Small living room, medium sized kitchen, both bedrooms can fit a double bed with other furniture. Gas central heating, double glazing throughout, free roadside parking. All ameneties 5 mins walking distance with local beech 10 mins into town. I have found a property that I am interested in, but the other person needs a 3/4 bed house and she is willing to accept most areas. If you think that you have what she is looking for, please do not hesitate to ask....."
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  homeswap from swansea to london  

"I have a semi detached house with front and rear gardens, with exterior lighting both front and back. The 2 bedrooms can fit a double bed with other furniture, small living room, med sized kitchen can hold a dining table and 4 chairs. Gas central heating, double glazing throughout and free roadside parking. Quiet neighbourhood with friendly neighbours. Local beech 10 mins into town. Local ameneties 5 mins walking distance....."
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